Oh, a sailor’s life is the life for me,
How I love to sail o’er the bounding sea;
And I never, never, ever do a thing about the weather,
For the weather never ever does a thing for me!
— The Sailor’s Hornpipe

Kyoto, Japan

Tokyo Travel is a great site for finding places and events of interest in Tokyo. Kyoto City Tourism and Culture Information

Discount Hotel Econo-Inn

You pay for your room in advance and have a choice of double or triple room with self contained shower and toilet. The rooms are only serviced once a week and there is a communal fridge in the lounge area downstairs. Free wireless internet access is supposedly available in the rooms but I couldn’t get […]

Umeda OS Hotel

You pay for your room in advance and have a choice of a single (didn’t see it), a studio twin (9000yen) which is kind of fun at first because the room really is rather small but you wouldn’t want to stay more than a couple of nights, and a normal twin (12800yen) which is actually […]

Kyoto Traveler’s Inn

The hotel is a mix of western style rooms and Japanese Ryokan/Minshuku. The rooms have a very compact shower and toilet but I much preferred the large public baths segregated by sex. There is a basic restaurant but we always ate out so I can’t comment on the food. It is well located in the […]

Day 8

Due to being booked out, I had selected a western style twin single for the first night in Kyoto then a minshuku for the following three nights. The western room was in the main building facing the street and had a good view of the¬†Heian Shrine from the window. The beds were quite small and […]

Day 7

There was a special exhibition of ??? treasures so we bit the bullet and paid an extra 500 yen on top of the normal 500 yen admission to see what was on offer.¬†Although it was probably of great cultural and historical significance to the large crowd of Japanese shuffling along with us, it was rather […]

Day 6

We took a taxi from the station to our accommodation to drop off our bags. Kankaso is within a few hundred metres of some of the most popular attraction in Nara including the biggest buddha in Japan at 15m tall and the Nara National Museum only a little further away. We spent the afternoon wandering […]

Day 5

After our very satisfying breakfast we jumped on the train to Ueno and a stroll through the park surrounding the Tokyo National Museum before spending a couple of hours exploring the two floors of Japanese treasures and some old Japanese buildings behind the main museum building. It was all very tranquil and the limited English […]

Day 4

We arrived at the Pokemon Center around 10:30am to be greeted by a growing line of people lining up waiting for the opening at 11am. Both children and adults seem excited at the prospect of picking a bag of goodies. Unlike Australia, many adults play computer games in Japan and you see lots of people […]

Day 3

We spent the morning walking to the the Imperial Palace gardens and then on to Akihabara which is an amazing electronics district. The Japanese are great with electronics and there was an incredible range of gadgets. After our failed attempt to catch up with my friend Steve the day before, we arranged to meet at […]