Web site

Mundane stuff generally related to me fiddling with the software hosting this web site.


After mucking around with a number of content management systems over the last seven or so years I have now moved my content to WordPress. It was certainly the most painless of all so far and it has proven very easy to tweak to meet my needs – fingers crossed!

Live on Joomla!

I have just migrated from my old static web site to this Joomla based site which features a nice content management system. I will continue to migrate further content from my old site over time.

Joomla adding pictures

I have started adding the pics back in so I can get at least the Astronomy content completed. Once that’s done I can migrate the site to production.

Joomla migration progressing OK

I have figured out most of the configuration requirements so I can now focus on getting content across. Still need to go back and add images as the site is very bare at present. Overall Joomla seems easy to use and now that I know how modules work, I can customise the layout further. With […]

Joomla learning curve

I have been fiddling with Joomla for a few weeks and I am finally getting the hang of how it works. One big mistake I made was to install the sample content – repeat after me, do not install the sample content. Although it seemed like a good idea initially, it was not obvious how […]