I have been online since 1977 and often marvel at how easy it is to take for granted the advances in technology since my humble beginnings “borrowing” time on HP, PDP-11 and VAX systems. I hope you enjoy my eclectic rambling on a range of hobbies and interests.

No, you can’t touch my social media

For me the key most desirable aspects of new social integration technology is that it be instantaneous and personal. I’m not lining up to buy an iPad but there are some aspects of the device that are very tempting because they progress our immersion in technology. The iPad does a great job in advancing the […]

Recovering from hacked web site

Ugh! For the first time since I established an online presence back in the 80s, my web site was hacked this week via a security issue with Joomla version prior to 1.5.6. I appear to have recovered and content should now be okay.

MBP does a Lazarus

After some nail biting, I escaped from my potential disaster with nothing more than a replacement keyboard assembly. Neatly installed for $227.48 including labour by Mac1 in Fyshwick. Whew!

MBP 1% Bad

You know how kids can often take their mum for granted and only realise how good it was after they move out of home? At 44 I’ve got a similar feeling now with my MBP in the shop for repairs. After surviving a liberal dash of scotch and water and me putting up with the […]

MBP 99% okay

My rescue mission was mostly successful with the exception of the 2 and @ keys which silently fail to work as well as the keyboard back lighting no longer operating. I am working around this by cut and pasting the characters when I need them but I expect that the novelty value of that will […]

MBP + Scotch = BAD

As I boogied in my chair, I accidently nudged my scotch glass and splashed a generous portion over the keyboard of my MacBook Pro. Uh oh! I shut my laptop down and turned it upside down to drain the fluid out. I got quite a bit out but liquid has a habit of sticking to […]

Tech’d Up

My refurbished Macbook Pro 15.4″ laptop arrived yesterday and I found a nice cycling backpack at a Katmandu sale today which will hold it very comfortably while I drag it around Japan.


I can’t help but think that the new XBOX360 is going to be pretty much a dud right from the start. Despite a few slick titles on the XBOX, the most exciting use for that hardware was the hacked mediacentre that made it a very nice media server; despite Microsoft’s attempts to block the hacks. […]

The demise of DVD hire

Given the rapidly decreasing cost of DVDs and the proliferation of DVD writers and new video on demand services, I see the rental industry grinding to a halt in the next 3-5 years. By then DVDs will most likely be starting to be replaced by much high density and more robust technology. Surely discs will […]

My computer room on Monday August 30, 1999

This is an article from a now defunct web site when I was actively coding. SINCE LAST TIME I’ve had very little time to do anything but read my email and do some surfing. *sigh* But as the father of a small boy, one tends to lack time to code. But, I have a friend […]