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No, you can’t touch my social media

For me the key most desirable aspects of new social integration technology is that it be instantaneous and personal. I’m not lining up to buy an iPad but there are some aspects of the device that are very tempting because they progress our immersion in technology. The iPad does a great job in advancing the […]

Living on a working

My 10 year old son had a mate over for a sleepover this evening and I walked in to be told I was interrupting important conversation about matters I wouldn’t understand. Rather than the usualĀ Pokemon, they had been discussing what they wanted to be when they grew up. On reflection of my life in recent […]

A car is like a stick

When the first person picked up a stick and used as a tool, everyone wanted one and an industry boomed. As the market became saturated, producers tried to differentiate their stick by using different colours or new materials for “high end” sticks. Eventually though, everyone has a stick and unless it is a particularly special […]

“Anglican church caught up in global financial crisis”

The headline above caught my eye today as it proceeded to explain how the church was facing financial hardship in 2009 partly due to an expected decrease in investment return. Call me naive but somehow it just strikes me as just wrong that a religious institution is taking funds raised for various charitable works and […]


I can’t help but think that the new XBOX360 is going to be pretty much a dud right from the start. Despite a few slick titles on the XBOX, the most exciting use for that hardware was the hacked mediacentre that made it a very nice media server; despite Microsoft’s attempts to block the hacks. […]

$200m for security upgrades at Airports

Is it just me or is there something a little wrong about John Howard’s priorities to his citizens? We’ve just pledged $1b in aid to Indonesia following that terrible tsunami. One could be cynical and say a chunk of that was a calculated cost for better business relations, regardless, my taxes contributed to that generous […]