Haphazard rambling on topics I find interesting or I feel like venting to the world.

No, you can’t touch my social media

For me the key most desirable aspects of new social integration technology is that it be instantaneous and personal. I’m not lining up to buy an iPad but there are some aspects of the device that are very tempting because they progress our immersion in technology. The iPad does a great job in advancing the […]


After mucking around with a number of content management systems over the last seven or so years I have now moved my content to WordPress. It was certainly the most painless of all so far and it has proven very easy to tweak to meet my needs – fingers crossed!

MySchool is better than your school

There has been a lot of hype in the media and by so called media experts on the woe that befalls us in the guise of the new MySchool web site launched by the Federal Government in January 2010 to provide contextualised comparisons between Australian schools. I have a strong background in data analytics and […]

Resolved resolutionless

At 44 I am likely around half way through my life today. When I look back at the huge journey I’ve already had, it gives me pause to reflect on what significant goals and milestones lie ahead of me. I’m not one for new year resolutions as invariably they are issues or opportunities for which […]

Living on a working

My 10 year old son had a mate over for a sleepover this evening and I walked in to be told I was interrupting important conversation about matters I wouldn’t understand. Rather than the usualĀ Pokemon, they had been discussing what they wanted to be when they grew up. On reflection of my life in recent […]

A car is like a stick

When the first person picked up a stick and used as a tool, everyone wanted one and an industry boomed. As the market became saturated, producers tried to differentiate their stick by using different colours or new materials for “high end” sticks. Eventually though, everyone has a stick and unless it is a particularly special […]

“Anglican church caught up in global financial crisis”

The headline above caught my eye today as it proceeded to explain how the church was facing financial hardship in 2009 partly due to an expected decrease in investment return. Call me naive but somehow it just strikes me as just wrong that a religious institution is taking funds raised for various charitable works and […]

Recovering from hacked web site

Ugh! For the first time since I established an online presence back in the 80s, my web site was hacked this week via a security issue with Joomla version prior to 1.5.6. I appear to have recovered and content should now be okay.

MBP does a Lazarus

After some nail biting, I escaped from my potential disaster with nothing more than a replacement keyboard assembly. Neatly installed for $227.48 including labour by Mac1 in Fyshwick. Whew!

MBP 1% Bad

You know how kids can often take their mum for granted and only realise how good it was after they move out of home? At 44 I’ve got a similar feeling now with my MBP in the shop for repairs. After surviving a liberal dash of scotch and water and me putting up with the […]