My kitchen knives

I don’t profess to be an expert cook, nor do I have elite knife skills. Nevertheless, I thought it worthwhile capturing what I have as my interest in good, sharp knives is steadily increasing.

I have found the most useful site for information about blades is Knife Forums which has a bewildering amount of discussion on topics covering every imaginable aspect of owning, using and maintaining knives.

Maker Model Type Length Acquired Comments
Tanaka Santoku 165mm 09/2010 VG10 steel. Black handle. Damascus.
Aritsugu ? Yanagi? 170mm 2008 Bought at Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo.
Global G-2 Cook 200mm ~2000
Global G-5 Vegetable 140mm ~2000
Global G-6 Paring, Straight 100mm ~2000
Global GS-14 Utility, Scallop 150mm ~2000
Global GSF-15 Peeling 80mm ~2000 Review
Global GSF-22 Utility 110mm ~2000 Review
Mundial BP5111-4 Paring 100mm ~1990
Mundial BP5111-6 Utility 150mm ~1990
Mundial BP5111-8 Carving 20cm ~1990
Mundial BP5110-8 Chef 20cm ~1990
Mundial BP5127-10E Serrated edge slicer 25cm ~1990 Not forged.
Mundial BP5153 Carving Fork – Straight 30cm ~1990 Not forged. Length includes handle.
Mundial BP5166 Kitchen Shears Take-A-Part. Not forged.
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