No, you can’t touch my social media

For me the key most desirable aspects of new social integration technology is that it be instantaneous and personal. I’m not lining up to buy an iPad but there are some aspects of the device that are very tempting because they progress our immersion in technology.

The iPad does a great job in advancing the ability to pick up an instantly available interface to web content and a range of other data services. Devices such as the iPad provide great availability; they don’t provide any concept of shared access. I’m sure vendors would love everyone to have one (or more) pieces of hardware each, but who wants half a dozen 10 inch LCD panels on the coffee table?

Availability means it is ready to go the moment I want to use it. No waking from sleep mode, no finding a power lead due to low battery charge, no clumsy net-book sitting on the coffee table (my wife doesn’t like it). I don’t want to wait 30 seconds to take a photo to use my digital camera and I don’t want to wait that long to access information.

Where all current technology falls down is the personal aspect. Concurrent logins is how a laptop can have more than one person logged in at the same time, each seeing their own personalised view. This provides good separation of information but consumes more hardware resources (including power) and is relatively slow to switch from one person to another – it is simply inconvenient. In practice you end up with a laptop sitting around relatively unsecured with the inconvenience of having to log in and out of facebook etc every time you pick it up.

So what do I want to buy? I’d like something instantaneous like the iPad with a simple interface to provide a personal view. Are you listening Apple?

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