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At 44 I am likely around half way through my life today. When I look back at the huge journey I’ve already had, it gives me pause to reflect on what significant goals and milestones lie ahead of me.

I’m not one for new year resolutions as invariably they are issues or opportunities for which I am currently unable or insufficiently motivated to achieve, otherwise why would I be setting myself a challenge?

There is however quite a list of things that I would like to do at some point and I see no harm, and indeed some potential inspiration, to start actually compiling a list of things needing or wanting doing.

I’ll share a few here:

  1. Skydive (tandem is more than satisfactory given I have mild acrophobia)
  2. Do a stand up routine – straight comedy dialogue and/or singing
  3. Visit some of the countries on the northern side of the Mediterranean Sea – Italy, Spain, Portugal etc
  4. Visit northern and southern Japan (already done three trips in the middle)
  5. Work outside of Australia for an extended period (with my family)
  6. Achieve and maintain a body mass index <= 25 (obviously requires exercise and dietary considerations)

I don’t know whether you now feel encouraged to produce a list of your own, but just seeing these excites me into taking some action so at least one person has had a good outcome!

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