“Anglican church caught up in global financial crisis”

The headline above caught my eye today as it proceeded to explain how the church was facing financial hardship in 2009 partly due to an expected decrease in investment return.

Call me naive but somehow it just strikes me as just wrong that a religious institution is taking funds raised for various charitable works and putting it in the stock market. Isn’t that gambling, which is viewed most dimly in the bible?

Likewise the Catholic church has suffered due to currency fluctuations. My mind boggles at the concept of an investment advisor listing the Pope as a customer. Of course the church does have significant expenses including the millions of dollars in legal fees and settlements for sex abuse cases.

They truly are church’s by the people¬†(and their associated investment interests)¬†for the people. Don’t even get me started on religions in name only (and associated tax free status) such as scientology.

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