Avanti Cappuccino cups

I bought a couple of Avanti Crescendo Cappuccino cups on the weekend. These are stainless steel doubled walled isothermic cups.

In simple terms this means they are hollow with an air gap between the coffee and outside wall of the cup. They are made by a number of manufacturers and as I still haven’t find nice porcelain ones to my liking, and they were only $15 AUD, I decided to give them a go.

They have proven to be very effective and have insulation properties as described with the outside of the cup never getting more than pleasantly warm while the contents stay hot much longer than in a normal coffee mug.

The cups come with some very shiny stainless steel saucers. The saucers are thin and pick up fingerprints as soon as you touch them. They look nice under the cup but are not overly exciting otherwise.

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