Alpenrost Coffee Roaster?

My Giotto and Mazzer Mini are generally performing fantastically and I don’t recall the last time I had a cup away from home. Although it is an amazing grinder, the Mazzer Mini has its rough spots and when I get around to it I’ll post a review.

There is nothing nicer than seeing big gobs of crema surging out of the spouts on my machine with the the lovely beans I get from Coffee for Connoisseurs.

I’ve been having a bit of a browse of coffee bean roasters as the next logical step in the pursuit of perfection is to get even fresher beans.

The Alpenroast seems to be the best of the bunch but there is much discussion on the internet about the deficiencies of home roasters and it may be quite a while before I take this plunge.

I’ve already had an offer of some green beans from a mate of mine with contacts in Brazil but the quarantine aspects are probably going to be a killer.

Why roast your own? Because green beans have a shelf life counted in years compared to weeks for roasted beans.

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