Proud Giotto Owner

Well I bought the coffee machine and grinder of my dreams on Wednesday!

Andrew from the Coffee Warehouse came down from Sydney with Charles, the ECM distributor in Australia, to demo the machine and sell a couple to Dominic and I. Leonie from work also came along and we set up in a kitchen at an office Laz had organised. The guys setup the machine and while we watched on they tweaked the grinder to suit the freshly roasted beans they had brought and made some excellent coffee!

Dominic and I bought a ECM Giotto espresso machine and a Mazzer Mini Electronic grinder for $3100 per pair. A lot of dough, but the desire for coffee nirvana is a potent one. Emma grimaces at the price but delights in the coffee. I reckon we will recover the cost of the machine compared to the cost of buying mediocre coffee in a cafe in around eighteen months, with the machine lasting many years longer than that and producing much better coffee.

I can now make cups one after the other with basically no need to temperature surf or wait for the boiler to fill or empty, depending on whether I’m making coffee or frothing milk. The grinder is powerful and quiet.

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